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Located in New Orleans & Homer, Alaska

Serving clients throughout the United States

BlinkTank Studios was formed in 2007. We are a small company, we get personal, and we'll take care of you. Our clients are spread out across the United States. We easily support non local clients via email and phone. If a face to face meeting is needed we video conference using Skype. Many have been with us from the start and we find it telling that most of our business comes from client referrals.

...and we provide awesome support. 


...and awesome support

Web Design

All websites are built using the Twitter Bootstrap foundation for responsive design. Responsive web design automatically adapts the content of a website to the screen size of your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop screen or even a huge flatscreen TV.

Web Development

The primary code base for our websites is HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. All sites come with a Content Management System which allows you to easily manage your websites features, pictures and content. Sites are built to work best with the latest website browsers.

Web Hosting

We host our sites with managed and dedicated web servers from WiredTree out of Chicago. WiredTree's private network and Tier 1 bandwidth providers offers maximum reliability, low latency and the highest throughput possible.




You want your website in front of as many people as possible. We build our sites using best practices for performance and search engines. Our SEO services are based upon providing an organic approach that lasts. We start with an intital analysis, then build a strategy with ongoing reviews and corrections when needed.

Social and Digital Marketing

It's no longer enough to have just a website. Now email, newsletters, blogs and social sites are considered to be the standard mix in your marketing plan. Based upon current thinking, we build around making your website the center of the hub. Everything outside the center is designed to drive traffic to your website while extending your businesses reach in the marketplace.


Quality work, awesome support, reasonable price

Templated Websites

  • Blink Template - Our multi purpose template has over 61 layout possiblities. Add features, functions, pick layouts, modify pages, style fonts, colors and more. 
    Starts at $1,695.

Custom and eCommerce Websites

  • Custom - Create mockup design, write code, integrate content management system (CMS). 
    Starts at $2,295.
  • eCommerce - We use a couple of different shopping cart scripts and Content Management Systems depending on the scope of the website.
    Starts at $1,495

Website and Email Hosting

  • Website only - Website hosting & maintenance only. 
    $95/year or $8/month. 
  • Website and Content Management System - Hosting & maintenance plus simple updates and general website support. 
    $190/year or $16/month (best value). 
  • Email Hosting - Up to 25 email addresses (email forwarding is free with all hosting accounts).
    $95/year or $8/month
  • All servers are continuously updated, include Google's PageSpeed Module and are monitored 24/7.

Website Maintenance & Support

  • Premium support - Website updates that require an estimate proposal and/or modifications to website.
  • Premium annual support - Negotiable flat rate based upon website and support requirements.
  • All websites include tutorials and training on the Content Management System.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    • All of our websites have been analyzed and built with SEO best practices in mind. 
    • Basic SEO package* - This is the next layer of SEO to your website and consists of both onsite and offsite SEO work.
      One year agreement - $255/month. 
  • SEO strategies that go beyond the Basic SEO package above, vary from client to client and take a lot of time to set up and manage. This is to say that one price does not fit all.

*Basic SEO Package

  • The SEO methods used for so long are now under heavy fire by Google who has advocated a quality first, rankings second approach to SEO. 
  • Our onsite work is about continuously improving the quality of your website, and through doing this, improving the quality of your rankings. 
  • The off site work is identifying, registering and setting up the appropriate accounts and business listings. For example registering your website with Google's search engine is one thing, entering your business listing in Superpages is another. As we identify and setup accounts we will move from general to specific directories and listings.
  • The ongoing work includes monitoring the sites analytics and adjusting the site and listings when needed. We use our own monitoring and reporting tools along with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. Each month we will provide you a report that shows the analytics and our adjustments. If you are targeting a local market this package may be enough to get you top rankings depending on your product and the market size.
  • Most of our time is spent in the first three months setting up and making adjustments. By the end of the third month we have done the heavy lifting. We ask for a one year agreement and spread the up front costs out over the year because it is still important to monitor and adjust, it is just no longer as time consuming. If there are few changes in the SEO industry by the time year two comes around, your monthly fees will decrease to $170 per month with no annual agreement.


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